Check out this TE250 with blue carbon package!

Nick Palmer of the UK sent us some pics of his awesome new Husky TE250 after he kitted it out with our blue carbon pipe guard and new to the market blue carbon frame guards. Nick is competing in some Extreme enduro competitions and wanted the best protection for his bike. Propower offers a complete solution to those wanting bullet proof type armour for their machines while keeping the weight down to top level racing specification. 

Your Expansion chamber is a "class 1" product, this means if it is broken, you cannot finish the race because the machine will not run. You can race with a broken lever, a torn seat, bent handle bars, but if you flatten or tear a hole in the pipe, you are in big trouble. In the event of extreme enduro, it is not always the fastest guys that win, sometimes it is the guys that can weather the storm, avoid damage and just finish.

As well as toughening up your machine, you also get to look like a factory rockstar with the wild carbon/kevlar colours our range comes in, yes it is possible to be tough, and look cool at the same time. Protect your investment.

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