Founder and CEO Matt Rotin started ProPower International to create an innovative line of products which do not only perform at the highest level but also have the best aesthetics possible. Matt, an avid racer and engineer began riding and racing in his home country of Australia, before moving to the US to compete and work with various race teams and development companies. During his time he had the privilege of working with some of the industry greats and influenced the design of many products selling today. Matt returned home with a strong vision of combining both the engineering and development skills with the years of experience on the track to create truly superior and innovative products.  Matt believes that going fast is not a talent, it is a formula, "combining preparation, fitness, practice and the right products, is a good formula for success" Here at ProPower, we believe we are not just creating products, but a way of life. Our Brand represents being fit for competition, perfecting your skills, and having a burning desire to win. This is why we believe ProPower is:

"The Formula For Speed"