Taming the Fink

The team at Propower would like to congratulate one of our toughest testers Mark Spencer on his outstanding effort at this years Fink desert race. The Fink is well known as Australia's toughest desert race bar none and has devoured many a confident dirt bike rider but Mark managed to tame the Fink and walk away, fist in the air. This was Marks first time at the Fink and he managed a very respectable 11th in class against some very experienced campaigners. It is great to see our products withstanding the rigours of off road racing, desert racing, and weekend competition without missing a beat, all this gives us further confidence that we are delivering the worlds best enduro protection and we can prove it, thanks to guys like Mark. Keep an eye out for Mark as he is now off to the 2014 Hattah hoping to achieve more success. Mark will be displaying one of our new blood red guards for the first time in public so be sure to check out his 300 Gasser if your at the event. We wish Mark all the very best as he contunues to produce great results for Propower.