2000 Likes and 4000 Thanks

On behalf of Propower International I would like to personally thank everyone who has liked our facebook page. This is a great achievement for us and has been invaluable in helping us spread our wings around the globe. You will notice the image accompanying this post is of a mother giving her son a good luck kiss before his race. When wondering what was the best way to thank  everyone who has helped us up to this point, the word family came to mind. There is a camaraderie and a sense of togetherness these machines create, that is unlike anything I have ever seen. Is it the mothers, that wash mud off your dirty gear when you have been thrashing around in the dirt all day? The fathers that work tirelessly throughout the year, just so they can wheel out a new bike for their child on Christmas day? Or the friends that pick you up from the wreckage, get your bike back to the car, and carry you to hospital because you didn't see that log on the trail. Whatever it may be, the kindness and enthusiasm of others has been overwhelming. Ever since the first moment we decided to take on the huge challenge to create something new, something different, the dirt bike community has welcomed us with open arms, when they had many opportunities to slam the door in our face. Many stores have been happy to hang our products on the shelf, even though we are not a major brand, we are no body. Thank you.

Many friends have ran around town beating the drum to our tune, trying to alert people that we are here and we are beginning. Thank you, you know who you are.

Others have even given us their time and their most valuable opinions to help us better create what you want. Thank you. 

We are working and will continue to work on becoming a brand that serves the rider and the athlete. Stay tuned for new products as we have many in development including our up and coming fitness line as requested my many racers and riders who wanted bike specific training and riding gear.

Thanking you all

Matt Rotin

Founder - Propower International