Melbourne Enduro Cross

Its was great to see the industry out at the second Melbourne Enduro Cross. Once again the Robbins boys did a great job in organising a wonderful day which saw both the greats and the not so greats do battle for the win. It was also good to see many of the industry leaders walking around the pits making themselves available for a chat and a laugh.

It was great to get some feedback from some of the racers using our products. I had quite a few of them come over and let me know how they landed on big rocks and smashed into things but nothing has been a match for the Propower pipe guard they had all installed. I found it funny, it was much like a spartan warrior coming back from a war raving to all of his friends about how well his sword and shield worked, whilst being completely un interested in the war he had just been in. It summed up in my mind that many of the racers that attended the race, went not to win it, but just to survive it. I think this is the greatest attribute of the enduro cross series and I hope it maintains this, it is built at a level where both pro and novice can still enter and the clubman racer can for once in there life know what it is like to be a hero for a day and race around a track, surrounded by fans cheering, and walk away with some great stories to tell there mates.